Thursday, May 8, 2008

MSA 2 - JSR 249 - Technical Session

A technical session hosted by Nokia and Vodafone where thwy were presenting MSA and the evolution into MSA 2.

MSA 2 will contain 3 stack levels addressing low - mid - high device segment, corresponding to JTWI - MSA sub - Full MSA today.

The low segment excludes graphics and adds sensor api since JSR 248. Mid range focuses on TV broadcast, contactless api, UI customization and XML. High end focuses on IMS with JSR 281.

Some jsrs in MSA 2 are "conditionally mandatory" depending on HW support.

Notably, Nokia, as the co-spec lead still hasn't released a full MSA device. The only vendor that has done that is Sony Ericsson with 14 devices.

There are several new players in the expert group, e.g. Ericsson and TeliaSonera.

MIDP 3 will be included in MSA 2 if released on time. The target schedule is to be finalized in Q4 2008. Just a little bit optimistic, if you ask me, since the same applies to MIDP 3.

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